Achieving Your Optimal Health Should Not Be Overwhelming.



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Contacting Rudy

First step is contacting Rudy Peters by email here. He will then set up a time for a phone consultation.


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Phone Consultation

During the phone consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns that you may have about personal training. Rudy will also ask you about your fitness goals, exercise history, and any contraindications you may have to exercise.  


If you are interesting in training with Rudy, he will send you a health history and waiver form for you to complete prior to the fitness evaluation. Once completed, he will schedule you for your fitness evaluation.



STEP 3    


Fitness Evaluation

The fitness evaluation is a very important part in the exercise program design. Based on your exercise goals, health history, past experience with exercise, and fitness evaluation, Rudy will develop a customized exercise program for you.  



STEP 4    


Exercise Training Sessions

Rudy will coach you through your customized training program. Exercises will be programed based on your current physical condition and exercise goals. 

The Five Benefits of Training with Rudy


1.  Personalized exercise training program

2.  Achieve your goals faster

3.  Receive guidance on proper form for each exercise

4.  Increase accountability and motivation

5.  Perform better with your daily activities and sports

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Rudy helped me identify the cause of my lower back pain and hip bursitis, and he gave me a series of easy exercises to resolve both issues. His core training program has really improved my gait and sense of balance - I thank him every time I'm climbing a hill on a hike!
- Dan Owen